Frequently Asked Questions

How much are they?

Price varies according to model and options desired, PLEASE download our pricing and options under the Pricing and Options tab.  All optional accessories add function and incredible value for your intended use.  Quality, functionality and durability have an associated cost!  We don't build cheap products with a limited life span, nor do we believe in planned obsolescence.

How do we place an order?

1. Start by downloading our price list.  2. Decide on the options you desire and call us or send us an email and we'll help you choose your options.  We can also send an excel format build sheet/options list.  3. We'll send an official build quote agreement that will need to be returned with a signature.  4. Place 50% deposit to be added to our custom build queue.

How much do you ask for a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit to be placed in the build queue (waiting line).  Build slots cannot be guaranteed without a 50% deposit.

Do you have dealers, or where can I see one?

Customers are welcome to visit by appointment to look at models that we have on hand/on display.

We operate on a direct sales business model, as such we do not use a dealer network at this time.  This not only saves you, the customer money but allows us more profitability and the ability to build a higher quality product.  It also allows us to grow to meet consumer demand and build a direct one on one customer relationship.


Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a two year warranty on our frame and structural body against manufacturer defects.  One year on electrical and accessory components.  Some components covered under their own manufacturers warranty. Normal wear and tear, neglect, and trail damage is not covered under warranty please see our warranty for additional details.  Our warranty exceeds most in the trailer/RV industry! 

Do you have rentals or used trailers available for sale?

No, we do not do rentals nor do we lend or rent our Demo units.  Each trailer is custom built for its owner.

Very occasionally a used trailer will come up for sale by its owner and we are happy to consign customers used Moby1 trailers as we have access to a broad customer base and will assist with the transaction.  Used are uncommon, however as most owners truly love their Moby1!

How much do they weigh?

Weight depends on the model and options, which can vary by as much as 1000 lbs.  Please see the options list for more details.  Models vary from 280lbs to 2600lbs +.

How do we arrange delivery?

We always encourage a personal pick up at our plant, however we can ship via common carrier (semi truck, either flat bed or auto carrier), rates vary from $.75 to $1.50/mile.  Personal pick up allows us to train the customer on the functionality of the trailer and accessories, as well as enable us to put faces to names of our customers. One of the highlights of our business is the personal relationships we develop with our customers.

Do you have units readily available? 

We do not have units available for immediate purchase.  

How long is the wait?

At this time we are ESTIMATING 10 months due to a backlog of orders on hand at the time.  We custom build each unit to order because of the array of optional accessories available and not every customer wants their trailer set up the same.  Our trailers have been said to be the highest quality and best designed product of its kind by designers and industry experts that is available throughout the whole world and as such most customers don't mind a waiting period for a quality product.

I have a trip scheduled, can you guaranty delivery so I can take my summer vacation?

We HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT schedule a whole summers vacation around the completion of your trailer!  Our build schedule is constantly in flux, we will be in contact with you when your build time is up and arrange delivery at that point.  As mentioned earlier, each trailer is a custom build, and as we grow, make improvements and changes to the trailers and our manufacturing methods, delays can come into play.  We are only human, we get sick, family members die, personnel get stuck in foreign countries with delays in getting home etc., etc.  Life happens, though we promise you we will do our best to meet the estimated schedule.

Do you sell kits or plans?  Can you give me advice on building my own trailer because I cannot afford one of yours?

No we do not sell kits or give advice on your own personal build, sorry.  Many thousands of hours have gone into our product to work out the design and small details that make our product well worth the money spent.