The Moby1 Story

Moby1 was originally begun as a personal project in an effort to create a camping trailer small and light enough to be towed behind a motorcycle.  Ashley Grimes, the founder of Moby1, has always been a student of beautiful design. After learning about teardrop trailers, seeing their practicality and studying the construction he started collecting the materials to build his own.  Ashley was then laid off from a large construction company with the economic crash in 2009 and with a little more spare time than usual the timing was right to begin building his own.

After years of being a craftsman in home construction, commercial construction, cabinet making, including a stint in his own private shop, studying art, and industrial design at Brigham Young University the skills were perfect to begin Moby1 on the journey it has become today.   Combining two of Ashley and his wife Kimberly’s favorite passions, motorcycles and camping was the goal and with the overwhelming response from the public the stage was set.   He and Kimberly took many trips that first year with their little “Moby1″ and were questioned everywhere they went on where they got that cute little trailer.  The original fit just a twin size mattress so space was snug but perfect, quiet and sheltered from torrential downpours of, say, the Oregon Coast.  They were flagged down off the freeway, stopped at intersections and approached at restaurants and fuel stations and knew then they were on to something great.  Without the aches and pains that come from sleeping on the hard ground after a long day on the bike or the road a soft comfortable mattress is just the perfect combination to recoup from the daily stresses of life, work, kids and responsibilities.

Teardrop Trailers

A teardrop trailer is a small camping trailer platform that is not only light weight but also offers the ability to have a real mattress for comfort in the protection of a hard sided trailer. The convenience of a built in galley open air galley allows you to connect and be at one with nature.

Teardrops were a common sight from the 30’s through the 50’s, but popularity faded as vehicles became larger, fuel was cheap and RV’s became supersized.

  • Our trailers fill a number of roles with extra cargo space, a flexible load carrying platform, a meal preparation and cooking station that will enable you to have more comfort, stay out longer, and be a more memorable experience.
  • Today with the rising prices of fuel and people becoming more aware of their environmental responsibility, Teardrops make more sense now than ever.
  • Whether you are coasting down the highway for a leisurely getaway or seeking adventure and exploring places far removed from civilization, a Moby1 Teardrop trailer can be fit to your lifestyle.
  • Use it as a portable guest room for visiting family, a remote base camp, or a loaded pack mule, a Moby1 Trailer will help you get there, stay there or to continue exploring the beautiful vista just over the horizon.

What makes Moby1 different?

  • A design with more flexible, comfortable and usable space.
  • More usable storage cabinetry built in, which also adds strength to the trailer body.
  • Flexible manufacturing can customize a trailer to fit you, whether you are 4’ 7” or 7’ 4” we can accommodate you!
  • Many options are available to make your trailer suit your lifestyle. Whether you like to get away to a nearby camp ground, load it with hardcore adventure gear or somewhere in between, a Moby1 Teardrop can be custom built for YOU! If there is something you have in mind to add that we don’t offer, just ask we can probably get it and fit it in.